Dear Potential Customer Of Richard's Custom Water Systems,

You are very lucky, if you are reading this! It must mean that you are considering a custom water system with Richard's Water!

We built a beautiful brand new home in 2001. Our builder installed some sort of a water system to help remove the iron and hardness in our private well water. After replacing our high end dishwasher's, freestanding ice maker several times, and fighting rust stains in our toilets and showers, we finally came to the realization that the water system that was originally installed in our dream home, just wasn't working out!

I was delightfully surprised to learn about Richard's Custom Water System's from my renowned nutritionist, Darlene Kvist, founder of Nutritional Weight & Wellness!

I contacted Richard, he came personally to our home, scientifically assessed our water, and gave us his professional opinion on the type of system that would best suit our needs! We decided on the best system that Richard's Water offered at the time.

Within a weeks time, we had our new water system installed by Richards trusted water professionals! These people were kind, caring, and treated our home and me with the utmost respect!

I am happy to report that our dishwasher's and ice makers are happy, running well, and have not needed any servicing since we have had our new Richard's Water system installed! Our toilets and showers have had no rust...this means easy cleaning for me!

The absolute best part of our Richard's Custom Water system is the drinking of our water! We are able to drink water all day long! I do not have to buy and lug water home from the store. Our water consumption has gone way up!

My Mother lived with us temporarily as she was waiting to get into her new condominium. She got so hooked to our delicious water that she had Richard install a system in her new condo!

Taking a shower or bath in our home feels so luxurious with our Richard's Custom Water! My skin used to be dry and would crack. Now my skin stays soft. Our adult son always includes a shower or bath in his visits home as he loves and misses our water! Infact, our son brings water jugs home each week, fills them up with our water, and takes back to his place to enjoy!

Another bonus of using Richard's Custom Water is the outstanding service! They will deliver a year supply of salt, carry it all the way down the steps, and place in a neat pile in the designated location! My back loves this! I save time, pain, and physical therapy bills by having this service provided!

Here is hoping you enjoy all the health and home plumbing mechanical benefits of your new Richard's Custom Water System as my family and I have!

Tina Beehler


Tina Beehler