When I first learned that tap water is not always the safest choice I wanted to look into getting a purification system for our house, but I was overwhelmed by the options. When I learned that Richard’s Custom Water is what my place of work has installed in all of their offices I called the company to learn more. Richard came out to my house in person to test my water and explain the RO/DI system that his company installs. He explained the different water purification systems available in a way that was not overwhelming, he answered all of my questions and at the same time never pressured me into purchasing his system. He let the research and technology he shared with me speak for themselves. I am so happy with Richard’s Custom Water, not only because it is the healthiest choice for myself and my family – but because it tastes great! My whole family is drinking a lot more water since we had Richard’s system installed!

Cassie Weness, Registered Dietitian

I love the system and the water tastes wonderful. James was great on the installation and was very informative. Thank you so much..

I will send a check for the pump. 

Thanks again

Carol Meyer

Purchasing our Multi-Barrier RO/DI from Richard’s Water was one of the best decisions that we have made for our family.  I feel assured that we are drinking safe, clean water.  When we travel, one of the things I look forward to most, is getting home to our Richard’s Water!  We recently purchased a second home and putting in Richard’s water was an absolute priority.  We couldn’t be happier with the system and the customer service.  Richard is wonderful at getting back to us right away with any questions and he also has a great crew that works with him.   I will not be without Richard’s Water again!  I highly recommend his product to anyone who values their health and expects top notch service.

Dulcie Zurn

Dear Potential Customer Of Richard's Custom Water Systems,

You are very lucky, if you are reading this! It must mean that you are considering a custom water system with Richard's Water!

We built a beautiful brand new home in 2001. Our builder installed some sort of a water system to help remove the iron and hardness in our private well water. After replacing our high end dishwasher's, freestanding ice maker several times, and fighting rust stains in our toilets and showers, we finally came to the realization that the water system that was originally installed in our dream home, just wasn't working out!

I was delightfully surprised to learn about Richard's Custom Water System's from my renowned nutritionist, Darlene Kvist, founder of Nutritional Weight & Wellness!

I contacted Richard, he came personally to our home, scientifically assessed our water, and gave us his professional opinion on the type of system that would best suit our needs! We decided on the best system that Richard's Water offered at the time.

Within a weeks time, we had our new water system installed by Richards trusted water professionals! These people were kind, caring, and treated our home and me with the utmost respect!

I am happy to report that our dishwasher's and ice makers are happy, running well, and have not needed any servicing since we have had our new Richard's Water system installed! Our toilets and showers have had no rust...this means easy cleaning for me!

The absolute best part of our Richard's Custom Water system is the drinking of our water! We are able to drink water all day long! I do not have to buy and lug water home from the store. Our water consumption has gone way up!

My Mother lived with us temporarily as she was waiting to get into her new condominium. She got so hooked to our delicious water that she had Richard install a system in her new condo!

Taking a shower or bath in our home feels so luxurious with our Richard's Custom Water! My skin used to be dry and would crack. Now my skin stays soft. Our adult son always includes a shower or bath in his visits home as he loves and misses our water! Infact, our son brings water jugs home each week, fills them up with our water, and takes back to his place to enjoy!

Another bonus of using Richard's Custom Water is the outstanding service! They will deliver a year supply of salt, carry it all the way down the steps, and place in a neat pile in the designated location! My back loves this! I save time, pain, and physical therapy bills by having this service provided!

Here is hoping you enjoy all the health and home plumbing mechanical benefits of your new Richard's Custom Water System as my family and I have!

Tina Beehler

Richard – Thanks for the great service and attention you and your company gave us - the water is great!

Laura Tiffany

As a nutritionist, host of the popular radio show, Dishing Up Nutrition, and owner of Nutritional Weight and Wellness, I have recommended Richard's Custom Water Systems to thousands of clients and listeners.

When clients of mine contact Richard's Custom Water Systems, I appreciate Richard's factual approach to their water problems. He simply states the facts and let's these potential customers make their own decision as to how they will achieve clean pure water.

For more information about water purity and filtration systems, listen to the most recent Dishing Up Nutrition podcast on July 9th, 2016 when Richard Grassie answered questions on the air, some of which you may also have about water.

Darlene Kvist, MS, LN, CNS; owner of Nutritional Weight and  Wellness; and Host of Dishing Up Nutrition on 107.1

As a wellness professional in the Twin Cities, I often get questions from patients about water safety and purity.  I could not imagine being in a city with out a resource like Richards Custom Water. Since being connected with Richard and his team over 8 years ago, we have had water systems installed in two homes as well as my wellness center.  The quality of the water we experience in our home for our family is so pure, both as bathing water and drinking water, that we instantly notice the difference in water when we travel or eat out.  We rest assured in knowing the water we are being exposed to on a daily basis is free from the harsh chemicals of city water, and that our drinking water is purified to the highest level possible.  Richard and his team are by far the most passionate educators on the topic of water purity and the life-giving effects of water that I have ever encountered.  They are qualified on all levels: from education to in-home water analysis to installation & maintenance of systems. Richard has spoken on the importance of water purity at numerous community events we have hosted, and the referral to work with this group could not be emphasized enough!

Dr. Suzy Youngquist, Chiropractor & Lifestyle Educator Founder, Revolution Wellness Center

I am writing to say how absolutely pleased we are with our water system.  We have had it for over five years and have had nothing but great tasting water and a top notch system that has had no maintenance problems whatsoever. We installed this water system after I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  As part of my recovery my husband and I made some big shifts in our diet.  It became very apparent to us that without really pure water those changes might be marginal at best.  We could not be more pleased with our decision and the results.

Diane and Greg Amer