Crystal Blue Devices for Structured Water

Crystal Blue Devices for Structured Drinking Water


Perfect water comes from the earth in the form of artesian spring water.  Once the earth filters the water, balances the mineral content, regulates the pH, adds oxygen, and balances the energetic and molecular structure; the water creates natural “lift” which brings it to the surface under its own pressure.

When Dr. Nikolai Alenov wanted to recreate the natural process of earths artesian water in his home, he contacted Richards Custom Water to help him design such a system.  He knew that a simple RO water purifier simply would not do.  After purification and re-mineralization, the water must be re-structured to create balance.

Structuring allows the molecular shape of the water to return to its natural six ring form which allows for optimal hydration and cellular health.

“I looked for years to find a company that understood healthy water and how to create it.  Richard and his team are the best and they only use the Crystal Blue water structuring systems.  There are many products on the market that claim to structure water and most of them do nothing of the sort.  I have used other structuring products in the past and they all had flaws or manufacturing issues.  The Crystal Blue water structuring systems are the only structuring technology I trust for my family, friends and patients.”

— Dr. Nikolai Alenov

Below is a picture representing the system we built for Dr. Alenov using two Crystal Blue units, one for the whole home water supply and one for the drinking water system.